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Elevate your ice fishing with this exclusive bundle, featuring the only Loring 26″ Belly Style Pack Basket we carry, renowned for its durability and ergonomic comfort. Included are specially-made Jack Traps, designed specifically for this set, ensuring a perfect match with the basket. The bundle is complete with a custom-fit liner, tackle bag and Loring’s Trap Armor neoprene sleeves for ultimate gear protection and organization. Ideal for all anglers, this bundle combines bespoke quality with unparalleled functionality for an outstanding ice fishing experience.

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Discover the ultimate in ice fishing gear with our Deluxe Ice Fishing Bundle, featuring the unique Loring 26″ Belly Style Pack Basket. This one-of-a-kind basket, the only model we carry, boasts unparalleled durability with its impact and weather-resistant synthetic polymers. Its ergonomic design includes an adjustable strap harness and handle for maximum comfort.

Exclusively for this bundle, we’ve included specially crafted Jack Traps. These traps, known for their superior quality, have been tailored specifically to complement our pack basket, ensuring a seamless fishing experience.

Along with these custom-made Jack Traps, you’ll also receive a custom-fit pack basket liner, tackle bag and Loring’s Trap Armor neoprene sleeves for added protection and organization. This bundle is perfect for every level of ice fishing enthusiast, blending top-notch quality, exceptional functionality, and unique design. Get ready for a superior ice fishing adventure with this exclusive and comprehensive set.

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Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 14 × 28 in
Package color

Black, Blue, Fish and Reel, Flag and Bear, Flag and Fish, Great Blue, Green, Hockey, Orange, Pink, Shark bite, Tan, True Timber blaze, White, Wildfire, Wolf


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