Limitied Edition Combo Pack


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Loring Pack Baskets are 100% handcrafted and will last a lifetime—guaranteed. The top rim, bottom runner skid, and inside solid bottom plate are made of synthetic polymers, which are impact, wear, UV, and chemical resistant, but still flexible. The weavers are also made of synthetic polymers, which are impact, wear, UV, and moisture resistant. The adjustable pack basket strap harness and the embroidered handle are made of 1½” UV and water resistant heavyweight polypro webbing. Loring Pack Baskets are fastened with 100% copper rivets and stainless steel screws. Because our pack baskets are made of a synthetic material you can be confident knowing that your pack basket will never rot, mildew, stain, retain odor, or crack.
Our liners are made of nylon fabric—a UV and water resistant coated fabric. The inside bag of the liner is silver colored to help you see what’s inside even with difficult light conditions. There are 5 pocket sleeves sewn in around the inside of the liner to keep your ice traps in place. A nylon cord with a cord lock is located at the top to close off the bag, while an elastic cord around the center rim holds the liner in place on the pack basket. The top of the liner comes in a variety of colors, from which you may choose.
Loring Outdoors now has exclusive Heritage Laker tip-ups dipped in one of five custom camo finishes to match your Loring Pack Basket.
Heritage Tackle & Gear has, for years, manufactured the finest ice fishing tip-ups on the market.
This two-in-one tool will help keep your fishing hole slush free with a skimmer on one end and an ice chipper on the other. Constructed of high grade galvanized steel, these ice skimmers are built to last. Through the same hydrographic dipping process used for the ice traps, these skimmers add that much needed personal touch to your fishing gear.
Five (5) custom 1” ultra-thin hook and loop fastening strap with brass plated hook grommet. These wraps are designed to hold your fishing hook snug, while securing the fishing line on your tip-up reel.
1- 26″ Black Lighted Pack Basket- (That’s right a 26″ Basket!)
1- Black Liner with Trap Pockets
1- Set of Custom Diamond Plate Straps
1- Set of 5 Custom Hydro-dipped Diamond Plate Heritage Traps
1- Custom Hydro-dipped Diamond Plate Skimmer/Chipper
1- Set of 5 Reel Wraps- Black

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