Why Buy Ours

Why buy a new wooden backpack every year when it can’t protect your expensive gear? Invest in a strong woven basket designed and built to last a lifetime.

You wake on a sunny morning in February, the air is cold and dry. Your family is ready to go, they’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks. You load everyone into the truck with your ice fishing pack baskets in the back – they’re loaded, carrying 20 tip ups, several skimmers, reels, lines, hooks, food and drinks for the day.

You arrive at the parking area, ready to put on your gloves and start moving. You bring the basket backpacks from the car to the snowmobile one by one, feeling the excitement grow with each armload. Everyone works together to transfer all the gear from the car to the snowmobiles, smiling and happy, ready for a great day together out on the ice.

Your group heads out on your machines. The smell of the exhaust, the vibration of the handlebars, and the roar of the engine make your heart beat faster. Riding fast on the straightaways is fun! You ride over stumps and branches, bumping along until you’re almost at the edge of the lake.

And then, swiftly, a full pack falls off your sled. It bounces once and lands in the middle of the trail. Your son is driving his machine right behind you. He doesn’t notice the pack in front of him until it’s too late. Before he can stop, he slams into it with his machine with full force, popping it up into the air. Will the family day end before it’s even really begun?

Luckily the basket had a liner and it was cinched shut. All the gear is still inside the basket and it’s safely protected by the strong synthetic material and smart design.

If your basket had been made of wood, this story would have ended sadly. But you were able to continue with your fishing trip, having fun with your family and making long-lasting memories.

Each and every Loring Pack Basket is hand-woven with utmost care and attention to detail. Using only high-quality materials, Wane and his family work together to produce the most durable pack baskets available on the market worldwide. Wane learned how to weave baskets from his father, Eugene Loring, who was a master basket weaver in the Penobscot tribe, part of the Wabanaki people located in Old Town, Maine. The Loring family is very passionate about their product and stand behind their quality by offering a lifetime warranty on all synthetic pack baskets.

Loring Pack Basket Warranty

All our handmade synthetic pack baskets are built in Old Town, Maine, by extremely talented basket weavers. Each pack is meticulously built by hand, with the attention to detail only a true master basket weaver can provide.

We stand behind our work and are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all our synthetic pack baskets, covering all defects in material and craftsmanship to the original purchaser of this product.

Protect your gear from getting mixed up with your friends! Choose from a variety of colors to make your gear stand out from the crowd.

You want choices! Choose from the following products to make your next fishing trip a success:

  • Pack Baskets are available in 2 sizes, 2 basket colors, 4 strap colors, 2 liner configurations, and 6 liner colors
    • Choose your size: 24” or 28”
    • Choose your basket color: Black or Green & Black
    • Choose your strap color: Black, Orange, Pink, Red
    • Add padded straps: Black-only
    • Choose your liner configuration & color – Ice Trap Pockets: With (6 colors) or Without (8 colors)
  • Camo heritage tip-ups (ice fishing traps) are available in 4 colors
  • Camo ice skimmer/chipper made from lightweight and strong galvanized steel in 6 colors
  • Reel hook wraps hold your fishing hook snug, while securing the fishing line on your tip-up reel.

Do you still need to be convinced a Loring Pack Basket is the right choice? Would you like to see a pack basket in action, proving its strength? Watch this 8 minute video where Luke, Wayne, Jim and Eric run over one of our baskets with a car, shoot it with a rocket, hang from it, climb inside of it and generally fail at trying to destroy it!